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Diversity in the workplace…begins with you Be an Industry leader and join the growing Diversity movement towards Inclusion. Find out how you can help to build a strong corporate community today…
The world is diverse no matter how you look at it Look through the global diversity lens and strive to realize even greater strength from the diversity we have – Become a member to make it a more active and central part of your work, your learning and your life.
Uniting the workplace, one culture at a time Be a team player and raise the bar with Diversity….It takes a team to remove barriers, bias and silos.
Strength in Diversity is Inclusion It’s more than race and gender.  Discover how to aim to create organizational environments in which all people and organizations itself can thrive toward inclusiveness.
GDIF - The leader in Diversity and Inclusion Globally Be a diversity champion that provides solutions, results and understanding….Together we can make a difference.
Contact GDIF Today! At Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation, our staff, volunteers and board of directors is dedicated to making your commitment into the GDIF family memorable.  See what we mean by joining us now!



Theglobal_diversity_inclusion_foundation_workplace_solutions Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation (GDIF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Our basis is much more than a resource for regulatory compliance, the Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation leads the pack with productivity solutions that are noticeable above the rest.

The way we do this is to aid you to understand and leverage diversity and inclusion as cultural intelligence in all your best practices.  That means we help develop a mind-set that can be applied to any number of countries, cultures, and business situations.

It is a systematic way to approach the tremendous variety of interactions and challenges that business people must face around the global_diversity_inclusion_foundation_workplace_solutionsworld—addressing geopolitical uncertainty and business continuity planning more realistically than documenting every culture trait and preparing to cater to each. In all our programs we apply a three-stage process for enhancing cultural intelligence.

These steps involve learning the fundamental principles of cross-cultural interactions, such as how cultures vary, how they affect behavior and how to build productive multicultural relationships; and developing a collection of behavioral skills that can be adapted to diverse business needs.

This methodology helps you to better understand globalization while working towards inclusion, especially regarding how it affects the bottom line of your organization.

Chuck Obina  -  Global Diversity And Inclusion Foundation



Making a world of difference through the power of inclusion


The Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation, a professional organization, exists to:

  • Develop a community of learners where workplace leaders can share expertise, create innovative solutions, and discuss best practices for global workforce development and advancement.

  • Be a model organization which creates high professional standards, a strict code of ethics, and diversity policy and procedures which are implemented and executed with integrity, proficiency, and honesty by diversity experts and others.

The mission of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation will be achieved through:

  • Forming partnerships with workplaces and others to address solutions by supporting leaders as they become culturally competent resulting in the effectiveness and sustainability of their organizations and communities.

  • Leveraging resources to ensure executives, boards, policy makers, elected officials, regulators, and others are aware of key cultural concerns facing organizations, and that they have the skills to positively address the identified issues.


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In today's increasingly global and diverse workplaces, it is important to be aware of Cultural Intelligence. GDIF offers the understanding of ones own Cultural Intelligence and awareness of the Cultural Intelligence of others.
Lionel Sweeny - VP Human Resources - Suzlon Energy

Contact Information

Global Diversity And Inclusion Foundation

World Headquarters:
209 Summit N. Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

Chuck Obina - CEO/President
Email:[email protected]
Direct: 404.786.4541

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